Pedigree Rachel

Ahnentafel: Rachel Amber Rose of the Red Flash, Besitzer: Ellen ten Brink

Henderson By My Side of the Red Flash
Double-O-Seven Danny of the Red Flash
Bram v. Plantanengrund
Homer v. Fischbachl
Bronzeberry Princess of Burberry’s Wachtbergcastle
Stacy Moonlightstar of teh Red Flash
Yesterday’s Hero Jamson Naughty
Harriet-Ginger-Lady of the Red Flash
Yesterday’s Hero Joanna Kyra
Free Minds Dorian
Dubliner Hole in One
Zenneith Ankaranska
Ch. Yesterday’s Hero Aaliah new Love
Ch.Yesterday’s Hero Veit at Glen O’Shea
Ch.Yesterday’s Heros Zoom Dream flying
Amazing Amber Rose The Red Pride of Kylemore
Yates Remember Me of the Red Flash
Yesterday’s Hero Jamson Naughty
Navylark Torbay
Rhapsody Red Diamond’s Shannen
Imagination Hero Jamson Naughty
Ch.Ashkan-Duke of Green Land
Embassy of the Red Flash
Anne-Amelie the Irish Spirit of Nature
Ch.Karmino Aquarius
Meadowlark’s Midas Touch
Chic Choix East of Eden
Holly Conquerer of hidden Irland
Ch. Yesterday’s Hero Zandle Bark ES
Ch. Annkathrin Conquerer of hidden Irland