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since 1989

The Irish Red Setter

The Irish Red Setter is a most loveable, honest and faithful family companion who gets along ever so well with children and other domestic animals. Moreover, it boasts a cuddly nature and permanently good temperament, and is always ready to have any kind of fun.

Thanks to his friendly and sociable personality, dog lovers choose this kind of dog to become a member of their family, without expecting it to prove his hunting skills. Given the proper education and conditioning, an Irish Setter will develop into an obedient and docile dog ......... i.e., to become your best companion and friend for a lifetime!!

The Irish Red is, of course, a very agile dog that can be trained to develop great hunting skills.

About us

The Irish Setter Kennel "Of the Red Flash" was founded in July 23, 1989, the date on which our first litter (A) was born.

We currently share our family home with beautiful Irish Red Setters. The two females and four male originate from our kennel, while the other Irish Setters originate from the following kennels

As we treat those Irish ladies and gentlemen as members of our family, we consider it a matter of course to keep them in our home for their entire life even after they reach the age of retirement!

As we take a strict stand against any kind of dog-keeping in kennels (i.e., cages or backyard kennels), we refuse to entrust our puppies to anyone having such attitudes or intentions.

Our prime objective is to maintain strict compliance with the FCI Standard No. 120 for Irish Setters, with particular focus set on the careful selection of kennel connections with regard to stable characters, excellence of form and prime health of pedigree!


irish setter puppies of the red flash

Our puppies

In the course of the first months of their life, those fun-loving Irish Red puppies grow up within our house and garden, while being granted whatever freedom they ask for. We prepare them gently and playfully for life in their future home making it a point to prime their personality so as to make them fit for living with human beings. Our puppies are given particular attention and are confronted at this early phase of development with most diverse stimulus response models and situations. This is the only way to support the puppies in developing a stable personality and healthy state of mind, and to protect them from becoming nervous, anxious adult dogs.

It is then up to you to take a positive influence on the future development of your puppy by means of affectionate, considerate and appropriate training and guidance.

Please feel free to contact us at all times for any support and guidance you might need towards achieving this goal.

irish setter welpe of the red flash

However, please consider the following aspects:

If living on rented property, you must obtain the explicit permission of your landlord to keep a dog, irrespective of whether you are living in a flat or house. Please be aware that you might be asking for trouble if you only agree on general terms of contract such as "Animal keeping allowed"!

If you own a home with open grounds, you are well advised to enclose those with appropriate fencing before introducing the Setter to its new home in order to prevent your dog from straying.

Also, keep in mind that a healthy Setter can reach an age of up to 15 years and will always need your special attention. Could it be that you are possibly intending to change your lifestyle in the near future, e.g. with regard to your abode, profession or family (e.g. children)? Is a family member allergic to dog hair?

You must definitely square any such situations before you even consider taking a Setter into your home. The purchase of a puppy must be carefully thought out and after having come to terms with all of those aspects, there is nothing preventing you from having lots of fun with your new companion.

irish setter kennel of the red flash

If you are interested in having one of our puppies, please give us a call without feeling committed, or send an e-mail to contact.
We shall be pleased to welcome you at our home to get mutually acquainted and, of course, to give you the chance of admiring and petting this wonderful Irish dog breed and their up-and-coming Kennel/Puppies , and to view their pedigree documents.
To get a notion of our "sweethearts", visit our pages Our setters , Breeded dogs/pictures and Puppy photos .
It is absolutely worth your while!

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